The Artists Alley is not the Dealers Room. Important differences include:

  • Artists do not pay to use the Artists Alley.
  • Seats in Artists Alley are chosen by lottery. You must sign up for a seat in the Alley each day.
  • You must bring in your art materials/items to sell each day, and take them with you each evening.
  • There is no guarantee to have electrical power available in Artists Alley.
  • Artists may only sell work of their own creation.

Artists Alley General Rules

  1. Seats are available to artists wishing to display and sell artwork of their own creation.
  2. Artwork sold in the Alley must be relevant to furry fandom. Additional criteria for items to be sold in Artists Alley include:
    1. Two-dimensional media (drawings, paintings, prints) on any non-living medium is permitted.
    2. Three-dimensional media is permitted. This includes but is not limited to sculptures, carving, glasswork, woodwork, and costume crafts. Items which have been purchased as-is or "off the shelf" may not be sold in Artists Alley. Items which are copies (i.e. cast pewter or resin) are also not permitted.
    3. Items which would be considered general merchandise without the artist's work (i.e. Wearables [clothing, buttons, etc.], personalized knick-knacks, etc.) are not permitted to be sold in Artists Alley.
    4. Sales of anything other than artwork of the artist's own creation is prohibited in Artists Alley.
    5. Items which are a collaboration between more than one artist (i.e. comic books, CD's) are not permitted to be sold in AA since artists are only permitted to sell their own work.
    6. All artwork displayed must be no more mature than PG-13. If there are questions on suitability, or if discrepancies arise, the Artists Alley Manager will judge
    7. Items with mature themes may be sold, provided that these items are not on public display. Adult-oriented materials must be either covered (such as with Post-it notes over the objectionable parts), or kept in a clearly marked binder that is not accessible to minors.
    8. It is the artist's responsibility to make sure that mature material is discreetly handled when being viewed by customers. Please keep mature artwork in separate binders or places separated from your more "general-audience" art. Don't just have a tag between the regular and mature materials. Likewise, please monitor your customers to make sure that they are not displaying mature artwork in an indiscreet manner.
    9. If there are any questions about what items might be permissible, please contact the Artists Alley Manager at AA Manager rulings may be appealed to the Convention Chairman, whose ruling shall be considered final.
  3. Each artist is allotted one-half of a table.
  4. If the Alley is not full, artists may spread into any unoccupied table space, but they must be prepared to surrender that space at any time.
  5. We cannot accommodate people acting as agents for artists, or people reselling other people's art.
  6. The only people who should be sitting behind Artists Alley tables are artists who have participated in the Artists Alley lottery. At no time is it permissible for anyone to be sitting on the floor or behind the tables who have not participated in the lottery. This means that you may not invite friends to sit behind the table with you. Repeat offenders will be remanded to convention security.
  7. The table must be staffed by the artist for the majority of the time the table is held by that artist (We understand that artists, like other attendees, are here to enjoy the convention and need to eat, drink, and, well, you know...). Inquiries will be made if we notice that a seat is repeatedly left vacant for long periods of time, or if a substitute is in place for longer than is reasonable, and your possessions will be moved to the operations office and your seat may be given to another artist for whom we had not had room.
  8. All materials must be removed from the table when the artist checks out or at the end of the Alley’s business hours. IndyFurCon accepts no responsibility for materials left unattended. This includes artwork, personal items, etc.
  9. We also ask artists kindly to remove any garbage before leaving the area.
  10. Items generating an unacceptable noise-level are strongly discouraged. This includes portable stereos, computers, handheld game units, etc. Repeated complaints of excessive noise may result in loss of seat privileges.
  11. Please note that tip jars are not permitted in Artists Alley.
  12. IndyFurCon does not and can not become involved in disputes between buyers and sellers in Artists' Alley.
  13. IndyFurCon reserves the right to change, amend, or modify these rules at any time without prior notice.

Artists Alley Sign-Ups

  • AA Sign ups are done lottery style. Completely unbiased the lottery will be pulled each day for the next day.
  • Positions will be posted anytime from 12AM to 8AM for that day.
  • The selected artists will be posted on the door of AA.
  • If you have not signed up for a day you will have until 12AM to do so to participate in the lottery.
  • Anyone who wants to sign up during or after the postings have been put up will need to write their name and how to contact them under the artists who have already been selected.
  • Anyone signing up after the lottery will be contacted in a first come first served fashion.
  • To receive your spot in AA you must be present when AA opens and your name is called.
  • If you are not present your spot will be given to the next available artist.
  • If you are not present for 2 days your name will be removed from the lottery to reduce the amount of artist on waiting lists.
  • IMPORTANT: Getting a spot one day does not guarantee a spot on any subsequent days
  • All artist are still held to the conventions standard code of conduct. Any breach of COC will result in you being removed from AA.