Policies For Dealers

  1. Dealer Access: Dealers are guaranteed 2 hours before Dealers opens on friday and 2 hours after it closes sunday.
  2. All table purchasing permissions are temporary when/if approved for tables space times for the link being active will be stated in the email.
  3. iFC is not responsible for your indiana state tax ID. HERE is the link to the indiana’s tax information.
  4. Sales Restrictions: This List may be amended at any time. If you have questions Email or speak to the head of Den. iFC reserves the right to remove or request for removal of any item.
    1. Deadly weapons
    2. Flammable Items
    3. Alcohol
    4. Homemade food or drink
    5. Any item prohibited by Indiana or federal law
  5. Adult Material: must be covered and placed in a separate binder. If one has to much adult material you will be relocated to a more acceptable location or asked to remove it.
    1. If a minor is subjected to adult material. Itis the responsibility of the dealer to ensure minors are not exposed to adult materials at their booth. If any dealer is found in violation of this policy it is as the discretion of the convention to decide the course of action to be taken. These may include but are not limited to temporary or permanent ban from future or current convention years.
  6. Dealers are responsible for any damages to iFC or Hotel Items and will be held solely responsible.
  7. Wall Hangings: Not allowed unless an exception has been made.
  8. The iFC code of conduct for con attendees as a whole must also be followed.
  9. iFC reserves the right to amend policies at any time without prior notice.